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IMAS Integrated Machinery Systems Co. was established in 1989 in the scope of Ittifak Holding, which has been operating in the most important sectors in Turkey. Along with its professional staff, IMAS has been enriching the sectors of grain milling with its trademark Milleral; feed milling with Viteral; band and circular saw machines with Cuteral; and steel construction with Steral. IMAS set its strategy so as to develop the true product that can meet the changing needs of the customers; to apply a kind of modular approach on manufacturing, and to produce well designed high quality products. IMAS cares about its products to be qualified, reliable and long lasting.
Makina ve Enerji A.S. was established in 2000 by Ali DOST and Fahri ALTIKARDES in Corum /Turkey. Our Company settled on totally 28.000 m2 areas of which 6.000 m2 covered and 22.000 m2 open space. Our one of the target is to increase the total covered manufacturing space to 15.000 m2. Makina ve Enerji A.S. is a dynamic and expanding company that designs, manufactures and completes turnkey flour, semolina, feed milling and silos plants.We improve products through new technology and lean manufacturing applications in order to be a leading company in the domestic and international markets. Our main purpose is to manufacture and sell the machineries, spare parts and materials with best quality and reasonable prices. Under the makenas brand, our firms has completed numbers of turnkey plants in many countries in the world such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Georgia, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Algeria and Ethiopia. Our high quality equipments are manufactured under the assurance of ISO 9001/2000 quality system.
Founded in 2015 with the accumulation of experiences in the field of sheet metal forming and machine manufacturing, Atilim Makina started its commercial life with 140m2 workshop and 6 months after its establishment, it has expanded its production area to 600m2 and broke its shell. In 2016, it continued its growth by moving its work area to 2000m2 closed and total 7200m2 area. The company started its commercial life with Necdet UNGAN and Bahadir OZKILIC, the founders of the company, and is currently operating with 2 engineers, 2 technicians and 30 workshop personnel. The machine park and construction workshops within Atilim Makina is constantly updated with the requirements of the technology and closely follows the latest technology and customer requirements.
Our company with over 15 years experience, like an arcade machine automation in 2007. And tic. Ltd. Sti. Hit the road with the team under the name of 12 senior engineers. Our company esteemed electricity customers - electronic - mechanical - produces seamless and complete solutions for automation. (o, g agar, MCC, PLC and SCADA applications in the fields boards, sensors, packaging, yield, automatic attitude, flow meters, flow scales, such as the production machine.) Atara principle technology to produce it; stands out with its own unique machine design. The design; suitable for industrial conditions, simple, to the point, it looks maximizes productivity. Our company has patents on behalf of 10. R & D department continues to work uninterrupted. Thank you for your encouragement and support you have given us until now. We will continue to produce for you ...
The company ever remains "young" with its 30-year experience. Konya… The soils where grain is converted into labor, and the labor into bread. Here, Genc Degirmen was established in 1990 taking inspiration from the labor it had seen in these soils. Today, it offers solutions on flour and semolina production plants with its experienced staff approaching their job with respect on 30.000 square meter area. By virtue of its worldwide franchising network, it conveys the miracle of labor to the 54 countries of the world. The harmony of technology and labor Genc Degirmen has continuously renewed itself since the year it was established in the fast growing, developing and the food requirement increasing world. It makes a defect-free production possible by means of CAD-CAM aided, machinery enriched with CNC machines and its approach sensible to advanced technology production standards. It uses technology effectively in every stage of the production from the painting unit providing the painting of the machines without any defects and speedily to wood production workshop to manufacture the wooden parts and a modern material warehouse constituted for spare part procurement. The labor reaches over to more people by mans of technology. More than 350 turnkey projects, zero error. The experience of Genc Degirmen makes it a power offering turn-key solutions in every stage of the production from the designing to assembling. While enjoying the pride of delivering more than 350 projects it has undertaken so far without any defects and in time, it continues to produce new projects with its R & D department it has established. It continuously works for the best with its entire staff adopting the Total Quality Management philosophy; and adds its after-sale support force to its production quality for offering a full performance of all the machines in every aspect. Genc Degirmen makes headway for being a locomotive to add value to the sector.
OZENIR Degirmen Makineleri Ltd Sti was established in 1996 by an experienced management team, operating in a 20,000m2 production plant including 8,000m2 closed area. The company has been producing for 20 years all machinery and equipment are needed in cleaning, milling, handling and packaging processes with its latest technology machines and experienced team in production plant. The company has adopted quality and customer satisfaction as a principle since the first day and has put its quality products at customers’ disposal in local and national markets through producing under ‘’MILLMA’’ brand name. MILLMA has also many references all over the World and provides quick and result-based service to renew existing mills as well as ``Turnkey Projects`` as below; - Wheat Flour & Semolina Mills - Maize Flour & Semolina Mills - Poultry & Cattle Feed Mills - Spices Cleaning & Milling Sections - Seed Cleaning Sections - Barley, Rye and Oat Cleaning & Milling Sections
Expanding day by day it carried out it sactivities toplantin cludes 22.000 m2; out door area and 12.000 2; indoor area of at Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone. ALTINBILEK, one of the leading companies in Turkey in manufacturing of high capacity chain conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, various steel silo component sand accessories